Indiana 2600




The philosophy and mission of 2600 is to raise awareness about technology and promote the freedom of information. Democracy and a free society can only exist when open discussions about significant factors in our lives can take place without censorship. One of these significant factors is technology, and the more people who understand it, the better off we all are. There are numerous corporations, government departments, and organisations that have attempted to subdue the spread of public knowledge about technology using fear. Examples range from SCO or RIAA lawsuits to the ill-conceived Digital Millenium Copyright Act. We strive to share information mutually.

Local meetings epitomise this mission. Indiana 2600 meetings are attended by around five to twenty people, and discussion topics include:

Security of the Windows platform; development of Linux; the telephone system; CB radio; the future of computing;

If you would like to help spread the word about Indiana 2600, please print this flyer (300 dpi, 2.2 MB) and distribute it wherever you see fit. Also, feel free to make your own--we trust that you'll represent the group appropriately. Good places for these flyers are college campuses, coffee shops, book stores and computer stores. If you have any more ideas about how to get the word out, please tell us. Share your thoughts by email or in our IRC channel, #in2600 on

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