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Welcome to, the official site for the Indianapolis, IN 2600 meeting. 2600 Magazine is otherwise known as The Hacker Quarterly.

All meetings will take place at the Tomlinson Tap Room in City Market. If you are under 21, just jump on irc to announce your planned attendence so we can look for you and accomodate you, youngster. Meetings are held the first Friday of every month at 1700 [5pm] EST/EDT time. Go here, and go to the 2nd floor: The Tomlinson Tap Room - 222 E Market St, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Anyone is welcome provided you are civil and can be trusted to behave in public. Do not expect illegal activities, unethical acts, or free food. We avoid reinforcing the negative stereotypes forced on us by the media and the general public.

We have anywhere from 5 - 15+ people at the monthly meetings. The meeting time is divided about 50/50 between tech talk and general chat. If you have a tech topic you wish to discuss, please feel free to bring it to a meeting, but you will also be welcome if you show up without a topic. If you are involved in technology anywhere beyond a simple user-level, someone is sure to raise a topic you will feel at home discussing.

Some members idle in the #in2600 channel on Below this text you see a window that will allow you to interact with the IRC channel. Please note that users are probably not actually watching the channel, so if you post a message, you may wish to drop back later to see the answer. There is plenty of scrollback, so if your question or comment is replied to while you are away, you should be able to view it upon your return by scrolling up in the window.

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